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This is so far, I m the most beautiful love.
Don t forget me, in addition to you who I don t remember.
I love the people, now no one else, only you.
33、爱你就像呼吸,教我如何停得下来? Love is like breathing, you teach me how to stop? 34、你是疯啊我是傻,缠缠绵绵到没牙! You crazy! I m silly, smell to no teeth! 35、我想变成你,见你所见,爱你所爱。 I want to be you, see what you see, love what you love. 36、爱,不是改变对方,而是一起成长。 Love, not change each other, but grow up together. 37、不知什么时候开始,我已学会依赖。 I do not know when to start, I have learned to rely on. 38、有你相伴的日子,即使平凡也浪漫! Have your companions days, even ordinary also romantic! 39、可不可以牵着我,从老婆到老婆婆。 Can you take me, from the wife to the old woman. 40、云想衣裳花想容,俺在想你脸在红。 Cloud to clothes take to let I think of you face in red. 41、不知什么时侯开始,我已学会依赖。 I do not know what hour the hou, I have learned to rely on. 42、我一直都在你身后,只差你一个回头。 I ve been behind you, only poor you a look back. 43、一句平淡的话:知不知道,你很重要。 A plain words: know not to know, you are very important. 44、我心里一直有你,只是比例变了而已。 You are always on my mind, just ratio changed. 45、在你睡觉时亲亲你,不会把你吵醒的。 Kiss you when you sleep, not wake you up. 46、我爱你是忠于理想,忠于自己的选择。 I love you, will be loyal to the ideal, loyal to their own choice. 47、曾经迷惘的心中,是牵引我走出寂寞。 I was lost in my mind, is that led me out of the loneliness. 48、我早上醒来的原因有两个:闹钟和你。 I wake up in the morning for two reasons: my alarm clock and you. 49、凡事皆有代价,快乐的代价便是痛苦。 Everything is a price, the price of happiness is pain. 50、爱一人、真的无需理由、我感觉到了。 Love a person, without reason, I really feel it. 51、我只是需要一个可以让我休息的港湾。 I just need a can let me rest harbour. 52、有时候,只是想有个人安静地抱抱我。 Sometimes, just want to have personal quiet to hug me. 53、你很有才华,能够认识你真的好幸运。 You are very talented, can know you really lucky. 54、没有你的日子里,我会更加珍惜自已。 Every day without you, I will cherish myself. 55、幸福就是,我爱你,然后你也爱上我。 Happiness is, I love you, then you also fall in love with me. 56、一段剪不断的情,一颗不停跳动的心。 A cut constantly, a stop beating heart. 57、为你好好过每一天,把你珍藏到永远! For how do you do better every day, your treasure forever! 58、你是我的鬼迷心窍,只有我自己知道。 You are my, only I know myself. 59、不管今世也来世也好,我所要的只有你。 No matter this life and the afterlife, I want only you. 60、你快乐所以我快乐,你痛苦所以我难受。 You happy so I happy, you pain so I upset. 61、我为你入了魔,句子大全http://Www.CnK6.Com/就罚你倾这一世来渡我。 I into the magic for you, I will punish you pour this life to me. 62、你是我的第一次,你一定要好好爱我啊。 You are my first, you must love me well. 63、我不要求名份,重要的是我们彼些相爱。 I do not ask name, it s important that we are in love. 64、今生,如果不能拥有你,我会好恨自己。 This life, if you can t have you, I good hate myself. 65、和你在一起,只是我不想给任何人机会! With you, but I don t want to give anyone the opportunity! 66、爱情,是自身的,我不再缺少些甚么了。 Love, is own, I am no longer a lack of some what. 67、心有千千结,只有你能解。天天情人节。 XinYouQianQian knot, only you can. Valentine s day every day. 68、宝贝,天下之大,大不过我对你的思念。 Baby, the world s big, big but my missing for you. 69、如果没有你的爱,活著的目标将难复再! Live without your love, goal will be difficult to answer again! 70、恋爱中,干傻事总是让人感到十分美妙。 Fool in love, always let a person feel very wonderful. 71、愿天上的每一个流星,都为你闪耀天际。 Let the sky every meteor, shining the sky for you. 72、我会永远爱你,一生一世,爱你永不变。 I will always love you, life, love you never change. 73、你的烦恼我来承担,我的快乐你来分享。 Let me take your trouble, you to share my happiness. 74、我不要短暂的温存,只要你一世的陪伴。 I the short-time tenderness, as long as you life-long companion. 75、我总相信雨后的天空,会有绚烂的彩虹。 I always believe the sky after the rain, there will be a gorgeous rainbow. 76、因为知道不能没有你,所以我会更珍惜。 Because you know that we can not live without you, so I ll be more cherish it. 77、思念如同月光,月亮虽远,月光却很近。 Thoughts like the moon, the moon is far, the moonlight is very close. 78、轻轻地,不惊你梦;只愿你,梦中有我。 Gently, not surprised you dream; Only you, I am in the dream. 79、原来等待也可以如此的美丽,因为爱你。 Waiting can be so beautiful because of love you. 80、曾经迷惘的心中,是你牵引我走出寂寞。 I was lost in my mind, it is you that led me out of loneliness. 81、如果这一生我们爱不够,来世必能长久。 If this life our love is not enough, the world will last long.上一页12关于本站励志指南网(中国酷6),励志一生与您分享人生指南,成功指南,励志指南-人生成功励志指南网,分享励志成功经验,激励人生每一天,成就酷6人生。---CnK6.Com




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