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中英对照伤感情话句子大全一群羊在草地上吃草,一辆车开来,只有一只羊没去看车静静地吃草,这只羊显得特别孤独。A flock of 27 sheep grazing on the pasture, a car, and only a sheep grazing quietly did not see the car, which is especially lonely sheep.

不成熟的人为了伟大的事业而死去,成熟的人为了伟大的事业而卑贱地活着。immature people to the great cause of death, mature great cause people to live humbly.

我再怎么着,你也要把我当个人不是?I do, you also give me when individuals are not?

一个人身边的位置只有那麽多,你能给的也只有那麽多,在这个狭小的圈子里,有些人要进来,就有一些人不得不离开.one side position only so much, you can give only so many, in this narrow and small circle, some people must come in, some people have to leave.

老婆大人什么时候回家?wife what time are you coming home?

有些事情还没讲完那就算了吧.每个人都是一个国王,在自己的世界里纵横跋扈,你不要听我的,但你也不要让我听你的.things not yet finished just forget about it. Everyone is a king, and in my world, you do not listen to me, but you do not let me listen to you.

小A说:让我死吧让爱情留下。而我要说:让爱死吧我要卑贱地活着!small A said: let me make love stay. And I say: let love it I mean to live!

有些人会一直刻在记忆里的,即使忘记了他的声音,忘记了他的笑容,忘记了他的脸,但是每当想起他时的那种感受,是永远都不会改变的!some people will always be engraved in memory, even forgetting his voice, his smile forget, to forget his face, but think of him whenever that kind of feeling, is never changed!

时间仍在,是我们在飞逝。time still is in, is our flies.



腐蚀那这里是欢城还是废墟 ?If I recall it as hard iron is the smile or cry, as if the memory and steel as corrosion that here is the happy city or the ruins?

我们微笑着说:我们停留在时光的原处 ,其实早已被洪流无声地卷走we smiled and said: we stay at the original place of the time, in fact, had long been silent flood swept away

时间没有等我,是你忘了带我走,我左手是过目不忘的萤火,右手是十年一个漫长的打坐。time does not wait for me, you forgot to take me away, I have left is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory firefly, the right hand is ten years a long meditation.

小陪是一个人,小许是一个人,我是一个人。我现在是一个人。There is a small, small Xu is a person, I am a person. Now I am a man.

躲在某一时间,想念一段时光的掌纹;躲在某一地点,想念一个站在来路也站在去路的,让我牵挂的人。hiding in a time, and miss some time with the palm; hiding in a certain place, miss a standing in the way of standing in the background, let me worry about people.

牵着我的手,闭着眼睛走你也不会迷路。浪漫情话holding my hand, eyes closed you will not go astray.

凡世的喧嚣和明亮,世俗的快乐和幸福,如同清亮的溪涧,在风里,在我眼前,汨汨而过,温暖如同泉水一样涌出来,我没有奢望,我只要你快乐,不要哀伤。The Firestone's noisy and bright, worldly pleasure and happiness, like a clear stream, in the wind, in front of my eyes, floating in the air and off, warm as spring water gush like, I did not expect, I want you to be happy, not sad.

我会等你I will wait for you

如果可以和你在一起,我宁愿让天空所有的星光全部损落,因为你的眼睛,是我生命里最亮的光芒。If you can with you, I would rather make the sky all stars all the fallen, because your eyes, is my life the most bright light.

如果有一天我们不在一起了,也要像在一起一样。If one day we are not together, and also the same as with.

黑夜给了我黑色的眼睛,它却让我爱上黑夜给我的疼痛。night gave me black eyes, it made me fall in love with the night gave me pain.

打死我我也想不到我想打死在多的人也想不到 。I thought I would like to kill more people can not think of in.

大提琴的声音就象一条河,左岸是我无法忘却的回忆,右岸是我值得紧握的璀璨年华,中间流淌的,是我年年岁岁淡淡的感伤!CELLO SOUND like a river, the left bank I can not forget the memories, the right bank is I deserve to hold all the time, the middle flow, is my year light sadness!

我总是这样凝望那些日升月沉无家可归的忧伤I always stare Shen month that the rising homeless sorrow

哥,请你自由地,自由地————brother, please free, free to --

风吹起如花般破碎的流年,而你的笑容摇晃摇晃,成为我命途中最美的点缀,看天,看雪,看季节深深的暗影。The winds from the broken flower-like fleeting, and you smile sways, become in my life the most beautiful embellishment, watching the days, watching the snow, watching the deep shadow of the season.

青春是道明媚的忧伤The 34 youth is a beautiful sadness

只要知道你还活在这个世上,我就可以了无牵挂。as long as you also know that live in this world, I will be free.

如果我爱一个人,我可以为他舍弃一切,包括我的生命 。If I love someone, I can he give up everything, including my life.

那些以前说着永不分离的人,早已经散落在天涯了。of those who never speak before the separation, already scattered on the horizon.

天亮说晚安say goodnight

因为我知道路的尽头总有笑容灿烂的顾小北在等我,这让我勇敢。for I know the end of the road there is always brilliant smile Gu Xiaobei waiting for me, it makes me brave.

最好的事情就是经常和你在一起the best thing is always with you


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